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Cosmic Pink

Cosmic Kitchen is a fast paced cooking game, where you juggle and manage ingredients in space!!

Will you reach for the stars or crumble under pressure to the demands of the galactic space monsters!!

Cosmic Kitchen takes a twist on traditional cooking games, but mixes it up with drag and drop mechanics!

You'll need to keep up with the demands of hungry galactic monsters, so be sure to pay attention to each planet you encounter.. It might just help you cook your next best dish!

You'll never run out of space in this kitchen!


All art used in the Cosmic Kitchen game is placeholder and will be different in the released version of the game.

Purple Sky


Cosmic Kitchen Lead Developer

Hi I'm Oliver, project lead developer on Cosmic Kitchen!

I'm really glad to be able to showcase what I've been cooking up these last few months and can't wait to start seeing fans of the cooking genre get their hands on Cosmic Kitchen!

It's been a real blast to work on and I hope everyone enjoys trying out the game :D

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