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Plaza 3 Level Select.png

Project C.L.A.R.A

Defeat enemies to the beat in this Hack n' Slash experience.

Scott Dickens (
Skyline Studios),
Chelsea Perry (
Skyline Studios
Finley Bird-Waddington (
Skyline Studios),
Aly Sumner
Cameron Morgan
James Vials

Additional credits can be found on the page.

Game Premise

The world is threatened by Neonic enemies, prepare to battle to the beat of the music in this rhythm based hack & slash! Protect Centralta City from Neonics by using your attacks as Agent Clara Nett!


Key Features

  • Attack to the beat of the music!

  • Perform combos to increase your score!

  • Fight against Neonics in Combat arenas.

  • Attack on the ground or take your battle to the air!

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