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Meet the Team

Based in Cardiff, Wales, we are an indie games studio with a focus on creating games that give a sense of nostalgia as well as make interactive and fun experiences!

EGX 2022 Scott interview 1.png

Scott Dickens

Producer & Level Designer

Hi I'm Scott! I develop all the levels in our core projects, as well as being the Managing Director of the company.

My passion for games started when I was young, I had just discovered forge mode in Halo 3 which blew my mind, so I made all kinds of maps and game modes which lead me to my passion today.

Hello I'm Jack! I do most of the programming for our projects, I currently work in UE4 using visual scripting.

My love for games started when I was young and I played Lego Star Wars the complete saga for the first time, as I got older my enjoyment grew even more when I played other genres of games.


Jack Williams

Programmer & Gameplay Designer

Chelsea wearing goggles 1.jpg

Chelsea Perry

Content & Social Media Manager


They call me Chelsea, probably because that's my name! I also like drinking tea and I'm in charge of posting all the content on our socials!

In my free time I like playing Mystery & Puzzle games, I love how creative & fun they can be! One of my favourite games that I love and take inspiration from is Sonic Adventures!

Hey I’m Fin, I make most of the assets and artwork around here.

I cannot remember a time I wasn’t making up some wacky creation, having grown up with games they have influenced me and my art more so than any other form of media.

By the time I left school my art was pretty good and I decided to use my skills to produce art for games, since that time my art has improved again and I would like nothing more than to keep making creatures. I just wanna draw.

finley Cropped.png

Finley Bird-Waddington

2D/3D Artist & Concept Artist


Cameron Harris

Mobile Games Level Designer


Wasup I'm Cameron, I mainly work on the level design for our mobile games!

I love Indiana Jones and pretty much anything Harrison Ford. There isn't a spongebob reference I don't know!

As an autistic games designer, I believe that anyone regardless of their circumstances should be able to follow their dreams and achieve their goals in life.

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